Old dog. New tricks.

10 tips for Instagram

This is the first in a series of quick tips for using various social media platforms.  I personally absolutely love Instagram and have been using it a lot recently on holiday so where better place to start.  Please feel free to add any suggestions and tips of your own.

  1. Getting started with Instagram – check out this handy guide from Instagram
  2. Follow relevant and interesting people; friends and people with shared interests and regularly like/comment on their photos
  3. Post beautiful pictures. Use apps to improve the look of your photos – eg. editing pictures, adding different filters, make collages, add text etc   Some of the ones I use include:  Snapseed, PicStitch, Photogene for example
  4. Vary your content – don’t just plug your products or photograph every meal you eat.  Be creative and post regularly but not excessively
  5. Hashtags:  Search for relevant hashtags and use them but don’t overdo it. More than two is too many.  If you want to increase your exposure and be seen by a wider audience on Instagram, not just those following relevant hashtags, consider using  popular hashtags like #instagood, #photooftheday, #cloudporn, #foodporn or #nofilter (if you’ve genuinely not used one!).  Create your own hashtag (but first make sure it’s not already in use) and encourage others to use it.
  6. Tag other people using @ username
  7. Add a location (taking care not to give away personal details like your home address etc)
  8. Promote your pictures across other social networks but NOT Twitter – Twitter no longer allows instagram photos to be displayed and it requires an extra click to see them which irritates users.  Post pictures separately into Twitter.
  9. Use the new Instagram video feature and have fun with it
  10. Run photo competitions and encourage people to post their photos using a particular hashtag but be aware these can go disastrously wrong and the photos might be colourful and eye-catching but certainly not relevant to the brand/competition

If you need a spot of inspiration and want to see some creative examples of brands using Instagram check out this post from Econsultancy and also this one 

Here 30 Instagram marketers share their best tools and tips


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