Old dog. New tricks.

  • Dress to impress?

    Get up, get dressed, get to work, visit solicitor, go shopping, get food, get home, get dinner on and daughter says: “Is your dress inside out?” Oh bollocks.

  • Puppy love

    The ‘Montster’ – The reason this blog has been sorely neglected for nearly a year

  • Social Media Tools

    The new BBC College of Journalism website is full of really useful training videos, tips and guides. Whether you’re a budding journo or you’d just like a few useful…

  • 10 tips for Instagram

    This is the first in a series of quick tips for using various social media platforms.  I personally absolutely love Instagram and have been using it a lot recently on holiday so…

    Potato pie

    This is one for fellow potato lovers.  It’s unbelievably delicious and suitable for vegetarians.  Ingredients 2 tbsp olive oil 500g baby new potatoes 6 small round…